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In its 10th year of operation, Mokee has become renowned for its expertise in manufacturing high-quality, modern nursery furniture and accessories specifically designed for babies and children. Having sold more than 30,000 cot beds, Mokee has brought happiness to babies all over the world. Our beds are exclusively produced in Europe, utilising wood sourced solely from European forests. We are a British brand.

Journey to Motherhood - Support Groups

Journey to Motherhood - Support Groups

Support Groups

by Suzi Smith

Support! Perhaps one of the most important things we should all be talking about when preparing to bring a little one into the world. Whether it’s parents, grandparents, friends, Midwives, husbands, wives or your neighbours, it really does take a village to raise a baby, so here’s how I’m sourcing support ahead of my due date in July.

One of the first things I was told about at my first midwife appointment was Antenatal classes. Of course, I’ve had friends and family members sign up and seen life-long friendships develop over the years so I’ve signed up to a course to get up to speed with labour and caring for my baby but also to increase my network of local mums. These mums will be the ones I can text at 3am in the morning for advice when I’m feeding my newborn, as they’ll probably be awake and available as they feed their own newborn. Finding a group of friends who are going through the same experience as you, at the same time, is without question super important.

The National Childbirth Trust is the UK's largest parent charity. Since 1956 it has supported millions of parents through birth and early parenthood, so check it out as it has lots of antenatal classes as well as post-birth classes to sign up to. It’s also got a huge amount of information on pregnancy, labour, babies and right up to toddlers.

Once baby arrives I’ll also be attending a local weekly baby playgroup run in my local area so that I can get my baby socialising with our babies. You can find local groups in your area on a Government website here. It’s a great way to feel part of the community, meet neighbours and fellow parents.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, at Mokee we launched the Mokee Birth School which I am pleased to say is returning! As many antenatal classes were put on hold, Mokee created its online Birth School which brought together hundreds of people who attended classes with midwives and baby experts.

Classes were on everything from labour, weaning, breastfeeding, nutrition, baby development and the all-important sleep! Next month Mokee’s baby school returns with its first session run by the popular midwife, Sophie Martin, otherwise known as The Infertile Midwife. The session, on 2nd March, will focus on what to expect in labour. For the Tickets & full class schedule see here - Mokee Birth School Tickets.

Mental health is very important during pregnancy and post-birth. I’ve been told about Maternal Mental Health Alliance | Awareness Education Action which is a UK charity and network of over 100 organisations dedicated to ensuring women and families affected by perinatal mental health problems have access to high quality, comprehensive perinatal mental health care. Check it out and pass it onto other families who might benefit from their support


* All recommendations are by Suzi Smith


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