Let us introduce: moKee Birth School online

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by Madlena @wearemokee

Times are tough, but we are here for you…

It’s a challenging time to be pregnant. You should be excited to meet your baby. You should be enjoying your last weeks of being baby-free - going to the movies, shopping & having as much Italian food as you can dream of!

But nothing is quite as it should be right now. We are anxious and we are worried. The future has never been more uncertain. This is especially distressful for all mothers-to-be. It’s no long just about us - it’s all about baby now.

According to new social distancing advice, pregnant women have been placed in a vulnerable group. You should be keeping your doctor’s appointments, but you shouldn’t be undertaking any other non-essential social activities.

This means no meeting friends & no ante-natal classes. The support system you were expecting is no longer available. And the birth itself might not be quite what you had in mind – you might even be on your own.

For the past few days, we’ve been talking to many of you. And the message is clear – you are anxious, and concerned about the uncertainties ahead. To misquote the film… you no longer “know what to expect when you’re expecting”

We totally understand. And you are NOT alone in feeling this way.

This is why we have created moKee Birth School online, as a part of the moKee's helping mums programme. The school will be led by the hugely knowledgeable and experienced midwives - Marie Louise, known as The Modern Midwife, Sophie Martin, known as The Infertile Midwife and other specialists. It will be exactly what a birth school should be, but online - thus safe. We will cover all the basic topics concerning pregnancy and birth. We will discuss newborn care & breastfeeding. We will give you the support from professionals and also from your fellow expectant parents.

Classes will take place twice a week, but you will be able to discuss any subject on the moKee helping mums Facebook group we have created, anytime. You will also be able to listen back to each session on our moKee Birth School Podcast. Because sometimes it’s late at night when the worries set in, and they just won’t wait.When this happens, be sure to reach out and ask for support. We will be there, other mums will be there and Marie Louise will be there also to comfort and advise.


If you would like to join the moKee Birth School online, please register HERE.

First classes will start on Thursday, 16th of April at 4pm and we will send you the email invitation! If you have any questions - please reach out to us at helpingmums@mokee.eu.


Stay safe!

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