by Suzi Smith

You’ve just found out that you’re expecting for the first time and no doubt are a bit overwhelmed by the planning of having your baby. Nine months sounds like enough time to prepare for the arrival of a newborn, but it goes by in a flash!

Therefore, Mokee has created the perfect timeline for you to create your baby’s nursery; from what to purchase when, when to decorate and when to assemble the furniture. This Nursery Timeline will be a necessity for you.

First trimester

  • This is often a nervous time for you and your partner as you are anxiously waiting to get to the three-month mark and into the second trimester. This time should be used to think about where the nursery will be. If there’s a spare bedroom, this is the obvious choice for a nursery, but other spaces in the house can be used in a creative way. For example, turning a study into a nursery or transforming any attic space into extra living space to free-up a spare room.
  • Make a list of everything that will be needed for your baby’s nursery. Mokee’s list includes;
  1. Cot or Cot Bed- view the Mokee Cot Bed collection here – NOW from £249.99
  2. Changing table and mat- Mokee’s Changing Mat with removable covers for Mini Cot, NOW £49.99
  3. Clothes storage- wardrobe/chest of drawers- Mokee’s Mini Wardrobe, NOW £99.99
  4. Cot mobile- Mokee’s Flamingo Mobile or Cot Mobile, both NOW £24.99
  5. Storage for cot bedding, nappies, wipes etc- Mokee’s Pokee Organiser, NOW £24.99 and the Cot Drawer, NOW £159.99
  6. Nursing chair – Mokee’s WoolChair, Nursing chair, NOW £159.99
  7. Nursing pillow- Mokee’s Nursing Pillow, NOW £49
  8. Baby Playmat – Mokee’s Baby Playmat, Cloud, NOW £64.90
  • Pull together a budget and how it will be paid for. Buying products each month is a good way to spread the cost of creating a nursery and family and friends might want to help out, giving it as a present for the new addition to your growing family

Decide where the nursery furniture will go in the room. The layout needs to be functional for baby and you and remember to measure the space to ensure that there is enough room. It’s amazing how much space such a tiny baby can need!

Second trimester
  • You can start thinking about the theme of the nursery. If you know the sex, you might want to choose gender-typical colours, but gender-neutral colours such as green, white, cream, grey, orange, yellow, are all great colours for a nursery
  • Ordering the nursery furniture should be done no later than the middle of the second trimester to ensure that it arrives in time, but more importantly, to give you enough time to assemble it all
  • Decorate the room by the end of the second trimester and remember that it’s good to use eco-friendly paint as this is the only truly non-toxic paint around. Add art to the walls to engage baby, like the Mokee Posters.

Third trimester


  • Assemble the furniture and start to stock the wardrobe with clothes, storage with bedding, nappies etc…
  • A nursery night light is a great idea to help soothe baby when you’re feeding
  • Accessorise the space with toys, books, or the Mokee Buddies. Soft textiles to soften the nursery are good, Mokee’s Textile range has something very every nursery theme
  • Aim to have the nursery all finished by week 37, just in case your baby decides to make an early arrival!

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