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In its 10th year of operation, Mokee has become renowned for its expertise in manufacturing high-quality, modern nursery furniture and accessories specifically designed for babies and children. Having sold more than 30,000 cot beds, Mokee has brought happiness to babies all over the world. Our beds are exclusively produced in Europe, utilising wood sourced solely from European forests. We are a British brand.



by Suzi Smith

We’re celebrating the return of our Birth School, which sees the Mokee team connect parents and parents-to-be with a huge range of baby experts. The free webinar series helps parents get up to speed with all things baby and the classes are on everything from labour, weaning, breastfeeding, nutrition, baby development and lots lots more. 

In this blog we’re taking you right back to basics- the basics of caring for a newborn baby. This is ahead of the next session next Friday 10th March at 11am GMT time which is focused on preparing for the arrival of your baby. The session is live, with Midwife, Sophie Martin, aka the Infertile Midwife, who will be discussing everything from what to buy, to managing expectations on birth and recovery, Sophie will explain how you can prepare for the arrival of your baby.

  • After the recent pandemic, I think we’ve all been told enough that we need to wash our hands, but we need to say it again- when looking after your baby, keep hands sanitised and ask anyone who comes into close contact with your baby to wash their hands too. We all saw during the pandemic how a little thing such as keeping hands clean, can help prevent sickness and your baby needs protection from infections- it has a very weak immune system, so it’s best to be safe rather than sorry.
  • Keep baby secure. Ensure that the pram and car seat are up to the latest safety regulations and that you’re using them correctly. All of these gadgets will come with instructions and you can easily find video tutorials as to how they work online.
  • Even if you’ve not had a lot of experience with babies, you’ll probably know the one golden rule- support the baby’s head and neck. Use your hand and arm to keep the head and neck supported at all times when holding or placing your baby in another position. Babies begin to strengthen their necks between 1-3 months, so for the first four week of life, newborns rely entirely on parents to support them.
  • Absolutely no rough play with your baby. Shaking your baby, whether it’s because you are annoyed or if you think it’s play, is a big no, no. Keep all movement with the baby gentle and slow.
  • Newborn babies need to be warm but not too warm. The room temperature should be between 20-22 degrees Celsius or 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a room thermometer to keep the baby feeling just right.

Join the free online Birth School by signing up for free here- Mokee Birth School Online Tickets 

For the full class schedule see here: Class schedule


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