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About Mokee

In its 10th year of operation, Mokee has become renowned for its expertise in manufacturing high-quality, modern nursery furniture and accessories specifically designed for babies and children. Having sold more than 30,000 cot beds, Mokee has brought happiness to babies all over the world. Our beds are exclusively produced in Europe, utilising wood sourced solely from European forests. We are a British brand.

The nursery design idea by Natassia & Thomas

The most stylish moKee nursery by Natassia & Thomas

3 min read

by Becca Smith @beccasmith_tomlins

When moKee took up a search to find the most stylish moKee nurseries we didn’t expect to have two winners – it was too hard to choose just one! Here’s the second winner’s nursery - their style and design inspiration!


Natassia & Thomas

Anything can inspire a nursery design and this one was inspired by bathroom wallpaper! Natassia and Thomas fell in love with the pattern and colours of a bathroom wallpaper they saw and felt it was perfect for their daughter’s nursery. They didn’t want something overly ‘girly’ and also it had to grow with Etta – so hopefully they wouldn’t have to redecorate anytime soon.

Similarly, moKee’s Mini Cot was chosen because it grows with the baby up to three years old. The Stone Teal colour complimented the wallpaper too and they liked the simple design – it doesn’t dominate the room, is cost effective and Natassia said it was easy to put together. They’re looking to get the drawer for the Mini Cot, for extra storage – Etta is only 12 weeks and as we all know babies only accumulate more things!

The nursery benefits from being a good size double bedroom in a Victorian Terrace with beautiful features such as original alcoves and high ceilings. So plenty of space for storage and they made use of the height of the rooms - having a rail hanging from the ceiling for dresses and jackets gives this nursery a quirky feel.

Other objects that make this nursery stand out from the crowd include an old school desk which they bought before Natassia was pregnant. Situated in the alcove they hope Etta will do her homework in the future. There’s also a strip of tape on it from when Thomas left Natassia a note to say how happy he was when they first bought the house.

There is also a dolls’ house in the nursery which Natassia got as a child. Natassia and her mum put it together when she first got it and painted the outside of the dolls house but she never got around to decorating the inside so she is really excited for when their daughter is older and they can build furniture, make soft furnishings and paint the house together.

The print above the desk with letters was bought when the couple had only just found out Natassia was pregnant and they were on their honeymoon. No one else knew about the pregnancy so it was incredibly special!

The soft furnishings add texture to the room - particularly the yellow velvet curtains which add a warm, summer glow to the room when the sun shines through them. Looking up, the main light has a big globe paper shade which makes it look like the moon.

You can tell the nursery was created with a lot of love and Nastassia says it was a group effort with family stepping in to help paint. The nursery is always evolving and being added to with bits and bobs and it is by far their favourite room in the house. We’re sure Etta will agree and enjoy making memories and… of course getting her homework finished!

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