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Natural Cotbed Mattress (120x60)

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  • Made from 100% natural & organic materials
  • Chemical free & hypoallergenic
  • Breathable & anti-dust mite
  • Handmade in Europe for 10 years
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Mokee® Natural Mattress

Introducing our Natural Mattress, carefully crafted using a perfect mix of luxury, organic ingredients. It really is the safest, most comfortable cot bed mattress out there.

What's inside?

organic cotton, coconut, natural latex, organic wool

Unbleached cotton provides a cooling layer to prevent baby from overheating.

Organically-sourced coconut coir and natural latex provide optimal support for your baby's growing body by adapting to their body and preventing dipping, while remaining breathable. 

Natural lambswool offers a soft layer for extra comfort. It brings many benefits - It is naturally hypo-allergenic and temperature regulating with excellent breathability. It keeps dust mites away and is a natural fire retardant.

The Core

Created from natural coconut fibres and natural latex to provide firm support with no risk of dipping. Amazingly breathable.

The Lining

Naturally hypo-allergenic, organic wool that has great temperature regulating properties and breathability. Anti-dust mite and fire retardant.

The Cover

A Luxury herringbone organic cotton cover that is cooling and super soft for baby's delicate skin for a comfortable night's sleep.


As recommended by The Lullaby Trust, a waterproof cover is required to keep your mattress clean and dry. We recommend our waterproof cot bed sheets.
Non-removable outer cover, sponge clean only with a damp sponge and mild detergent. Allow to fully air dry before use.


Composition: Untreated cotton cover, 100% natural lambswool, organic coconut coir and natural latex
Mattress depth: 6cm   Density: 90kg/m3
Safety: compliant with BS 7177, BS EN 16890

All Mokee mattresses are shipped flat-packed in order to retain their original shape and not compromise their structure.
This means they can be unboxed and used straight away!